This is the home of the S-102 Demonstrator project, a research project supported by the Norwegian Research Council through the MAROFF program.

Partners in the project:

Norway leads the world in many areas of the maritime industry. A primary goal for The Norwegian Hydrographic Service (NHS), based on cost efficiency, is to make available maritime geographical information to enhance safety at sea and take into account the needs of all users of the Norway’s coastal and marine areas.

Norway is also the operator for PRIMAR, an international partnership for the quality assurance and delivery of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC)  for navigation. These charts are produced and delivered in accordance with IHO’s (International Hydrogaphic Office) international standards.

The IHO is working on a new standard for bathymetric data (S-102 or Standard 102). Detailed bathymetric data has been a request from many maritime user groups.

S-102 data will give rise to new ways of thinking, value added and innovative developments for safe navigation and navigational planning. In addition other areas like data analysis, planning, safety and rescue in relation to accidents will be able to consume this valuable data.

There has been an initiative for a couple of years to test this data in real life environments together with other data types. A big hurdle has been to have data distributed and installed on users systems. This forms the basis of the focus for this project.

Innovation for this project will focus on identifying the model for S-102 data distribution together with the development of a demonstrator which can test and visualize real scenario use with a carefully selected base test group.

The value addition from this project will be a better understanding of how this new data type can be utilized and used and a better basis for decision making; for example in resource planning, environmental impact, reduced costs, increased safety and streamlining for customers of chart data in an integrated environment.
These new data types and solutions will be key to secure Norway’s world leading international reputation around navigational products into the future.