Project Objective

Demonstrate the feasibility of S-102 data to enhance safety and efficiency in maritime operations

Plan to meet the objective

  1. Gather a representative group of stakeholders (Reference Group partners) to investigate the value of the new data
  2. Test how to generate datasets using the current S-102 version (1.0) description and rules
  3. Develop, in an iterative approach with the Reference Group, a S-102 Demonstrator to visualise seabed topography using S-102 datasets
  4. Gather feedback from the Reference Group on benefits and value through operational tests with the S-102 Demonstrator and datasets.
  5. Highlight and communicate to IHO working group any technical implications and challenges that needs to be taken into account for the new S-102 Version (version 2.0)
  6. Design new “fit-for-purpose” distribution and commercial models for national datasets through the PRIMAR collaboration

Project plan timeline