Operational Tests


To be fully prepared and set expectations for the tests, a detailed plan was put in place for each scenario, consisting of the following steps:

  • Appoint a test manager/coordinator with navigational expertise
  • Agree on the purpose of each specific test (e.g. piloting operation, planning navigation in shallow areas, anchorage operation etc)
  • Verify with vessel management crew, or other external parties involved, that test could be conducted onboard
  • Identify the needs and availability of data for a defined AOI for the specific test
  • Request access/authorisation to download & use high resolution data for AOI
  • Identify if any specific customisation was required in the S-102 Demonstrator to run the test
  • Identify needs for additional personnel & technical equipment (e.g. pilot plug) onboard for test duration
  • Agree on reporting of results after the test

Operational Tests – Results

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