4th joint project meeting at Kystverket in Ålesund

It is crucial for the success of this project to have the valuable input from our stakeholders in the testteam, both through fruitful jointly discussions on frequent review meetings and through live tests in operational environments.

The S-102 project and testteam members were delighted to be invited to the headquarter of Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) in beautiful Ålesund to run our 4th joint meeting 19 & 20th of June 2018.


Presentation of the FAMOS Project

Earlier this year, Sølvi Tunge from our project team presented the S-102 Demonstarator project at FAMOS project conference in Malmö.
The work and deliveries of the FAMOS project are also very interesting to our stakeholders and fortunately  the FAMOS Project Manager, Andreas Andersson, was more than willing to come to Ålesund and present the project for all of us.

This EU-funded project consists of 15 partners from 7 of the countries around the Baltic Sea. The main objective of the first stages of the project was to provide a new mapping of the Baltic Sea. Now that this is done, the focus will be to demonstrate how new and better data can be used. One of the goals is to demonstrate how to optimize route choices in terms of economic and environmental benefits.
We agreed to continue to discuss common interests and possible collaboration forward with the FAMOS Project.

FAMOS presentasjon 1

You can find more information on the FAMOS project at http://www.famosproject.eu/

Tests in operational environment

Sølvi Tunge went through the scenario of – and experience from- the first and very successful operational test at Kvitsøy VTS.  More tests will be done during the next few months and we are all exited to see the results of each and every one of them as they represent different needs, environment and scenarios.





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