Presentation held at “Teknologiforum 2018”

teknologiforumECC was invited to present the latest news around the S-102 Standard at the annual event “Teknologiforum” hosted by the Geonorge /the Norwegian Mapping Authority.


Svein Skjæveland (ECC) is a member in the IHO S-102 standardisation group. Svein also works in the project team for the S-102 Demonstrator Project. At Teknologiforum, Svein presented the current status for the ratification process related to S-102.
In addition, he demonstrated the latest version of the S-102 Demonstrator and emphasised the value and enhanced knowledge gained through the operational tests. This knowledge is important input to standardisation work in order to assure that the whole value chain is covered – from producing to using the data in the most beneficial manner.Jim1

Jim Pedersen, marine pilot in the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA), went through the operational test he conducted on the MS Queen Mary 2 cruise ship  and highlighted the important  findings and value seen from an enduser perspective.Jim3

To get a copy of the powerpoint presentation – please contact

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